Why a White Label Communications Solution?

  • September 14, 2021
  • Author: Keith Young

White labelling is a great business strategy that can save you on time, expensive investment costs and present you with a polished product, ready to sell.

Ever wanted to skip the tedious aspects of offering a product and just focus on sales? 

That’s exactly what white labelling does for you.

What is White Labelling?

Before we address benefits, what exactly is white labelling?

White labelling is effectively a partnership in which you sell the partner’s products under your own branding.

The partner benefits by your subscription to their services (for the purpose of reselling), and you benefit by the ability to sell a complete and polished product right out of the box.

Your business’ logo can still be affixed to every physical phone and on the web portals for the telecom and video services – and we offer plenty of extra resources for you to use in your marketing at no extra cost.

How You can Benefit from White Labelling

White labelling has so many benefits that you’ll wonder where the catch is – but that’s the best part. There is no catch. A white label relationship is beneficial to both the producer and the reseller, so it’s a total win-win.

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider white labelling for your business.

Assurance of quality

When you buy from a white label reseller, you already know the quality of the product, so you know exactly what you’re selling.

If you’re white labelling a product from a reputable business that offers high quality products, you’re guaranteed to be selling products that are held to the same standard.

Benefit from the expertise of established professionals

White labelling effectively allows you to recruit the experience of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. You could have little to no experience in the communications industry, and still be a competent reseller, profiting from an industry that you don’t even need extreme amounts of skill or experience in.

Cut out all engineering and equipment costs

When you sell a white labelled product, you’re skipping the entire initial engineering process and starting right at the selling part. The process of developing a complete communications solution and setting up physical servers can be quite costly, so cutting it out entirely will save you a lot of money.

The testing and approval processes are already done

Getting the product tested is a long series of trials and errors, which is not only costly, but also time-consuming. 

Fortunately as a reseller, you get to sell a fully-tested, fully-approved solution – all you need to do is market it! 

We even offer a large variety of promotional materials for you to use.

You’ll have far less to worry about when you’re white labelling our product – we take away all the distractions, so you’re free to focus on selling.

The reseller usually deals with troubleshooting and support

In the majority of white label/reseller relationships, the producer will handle issues such as customer complaints, technical issues, and glitches. 

If hiccups ever occur, we handle all the troubleshooting and fixes.

Focus on profits without the extra hassle

Without all the complications of production and support, you’re free to focus on the most valuable part of the process: sales and profit.

You’re free to develop your own strategy for selling to customers – use whatever materials you want, whether they be our pre-prepared, customizable materials or your own self-made ones.

Whatever you do choose, you’ll have far more energy and resources to get the best results possible.

Our extra features for our partners

We offer extra resources aside from our main product to help you succeed in your service offering and sales.

Partner Portal

As a white-label reseller, you’re given a free custom-branded partner portal, which you can access and use a variety of great resources.

The portal itself is highly customizable and comes with over 60 unique templates for you to choose from – choose one that best fits the needs of your business.

More themes are added weekly!

Online Training Academy

Use our training courses to train employees or clients on how to use our system – or learn yourself.

There are three main courses: a 1-hour basic certification course, a 3-hour advanced certification course, and a 30-40 min contact center training course.

They’re rich with information, yet easily digestible, so you can onboard new team members and clients in no time!

Branded Marketing Assets

We offer a number of marketing materials for you to use. They’re custom-branded for your business and come at no extra charge.

  • Brochures
  • Datasheets
  • One-shot emails
  • Themed email campaigns
  • Social media posts (we support LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Xing, HubSpot, Pardot, Hootsuite, WeChat)
  • Themed social media campaigns (same platforms as above)

Our social posts and emails (oneshot or campaign) can be sent immediately or automated to send on a schedule – so you can set it and forget it months in advance.

Our datasheets and brochures have customizable logos, but we also offer the raw adobe files if you’d like total free reign in your customization.

Online & Branded Quoting Tool

Our included Quoting application is a lightning fast, modern cloud solution for UnitedCloud partners, accessible 24/7.

Conveniently located inside CONDUIT, our easy-to-use platform has built-in workflow automation along with tons of features that will allow you and your team to create high-quality quotes in minutes.

You won’t have to spend time scouring over prices and item lists – all our items are in the platform already, so just click to include them in the list.

We also have pre-set pricing packages for even easier selection! If a customer is making a generic order, you can complete the entire quote in only a few clicks.

Our system uses form fields that will automatically populate a beautiful-looking quote – the only thing you need to worry about is putting in information – you can leave the organization and aesthetics to us.

We also include a tried-and-true master service agreement that, if needed, you can customize to your liking and needs. Quote tracking is implemented as well, so you can see the status of all your quotes at a glance.

As a white label reseller, your quoting tool will appear with your own custom branding and colors. You’ll also have access to your UnitedCloud Partner Success Manager who – among many other things – will assist you in quoting from start to finish.

Remember – if you already have a quoting tool or prefer to make your own, you are absolutely free to do that instead as a white label reseller – but our quoting tool is always at your disposal if need be.

Email and Social Marketing Tool with Lead Scoring

Use our custom-branded email and social posts to garner engagement, and track your performance with automatic lead scoring. See what materials engage your audience best, and gain better insight on what makes them tick.

You’ll notice significantly increased interaction from your customers after using our marketing tool.

Far more profit with far less headache

White labelling is a foolproof way to build a successful business – you’re using tools and resources that have already been proven to work.

UnitedCloud is Canada’s purpose-built 100% channel partner business solution that enables award-winning end-user experiences!

Trusted by 100’s of leading ISP’s, MSP’s and Telecom Service Providers for over 8 years. UnitedCloud delivers a coast-to-coast, 4-datacenter, geographically redundant network hosting our awarded and respected UCaaS, CCaaS, and Cloud Services platform. We serve 10,000’s of business users with a highly profitable mix of Private White-Label and Co-Branded Agent partner-first programs. 

With our track record, we can offer you a formula that is guaranteed to get you the results you dream of.

Contact a UnitedCloud associate today!

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