When is the Right Time to Switch to a Hosted Phone System?

  • June 29, 2021
  • Author: Keith Young

Competition fuels innovation. In order to keep sales up and present your business in the best light to your potential clients, your business must always be prepared to evolve with the times.

You could achieve this by overhauling your entire system every few years, but this will cost extreme amounts of money and precious time, leaving your customers unable to contact you for however long the upgrade takes – and risking them moving on to a competitor.

Or you could take the proactive route and turn your system into a flexible, fast-adapting machine. Rather than filling your building with bulky phone systems and servers, switch to a cloud-based system that can be upgraded at the push of a button – with zero downtime.

If you want to be prepared for anything, a hosted phone system is for you. 

Be Ever-Ready to Adapt

Today’s business world is ever-changing, and adaptability is a must for any business hoping to stay afloat.

The Digital Shift

The world is becoming more digital by the year. A whopping 97% of consumers go online to find a local business or services. 

After the lockdowns of 2020, even more businesses went online than usual – with some even becoming online-only.

Hosted Phone functions through the cloud, meaning anytime you decide to expand your business online, your infrastructure will be able to handle it easily.

Seamlessly Implement New Technology

Setting up a new device on a physical phone system can be cumbersome, but with a hosted phone system, you can connect any device wirelessly and instantly! 

Hiring IT technicians for setup is expensive, but now that you can do it on your own, you won’t need to pay a penny.

Work at Peak Capacity from Anywhere

Since 2020, remote work is now a staple of countless businesses. Having a setup in your home office is great, but a hosted phone system takes it a step further. 

With mobile integration, you can make business calls while in traffic. You can work from a café with just your laptop and cell phone. 

The possibilities are endless, and you won’t have to sacrifice any functionality for convenience. Work at 100% from anywhere you like.

Zero-risk, Zero-downtime Systems

As previously mentioned, even a few minutes of downtime can mean losing a client – and that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Fortunately, with a hosted phone system, you don’t have to! 

Our systems are geographically redundant, with servers across Canada. This means that even if a natural disaster or power outage took out a server, your system would automatically failover to the next server instantly –  keeping things running smoothly as if nothing ever happened.

Massively Improved Efficiency

To stay competitive, you need to be able to get things done quickly without sacrificing quality. Human limitations and time constraints give us ceilings to how  much we can accomplish, but hosted phone systems offer us tools to surpass them.


This is  a useful tool for literally any business that receives phone calls on the regular. It replaces a phone receptionist and answers every incoming call with a customizable message before prompting the caller to press a button to reach the extension they want. (press 3 for returns, and so on)

This will save you time and money on hiring a human receptionist, and offers the added benefit of keeping callers off hold for longer, since the system can handle an unlimited number of calls..

Presence – see who’s available at a glance

This feature is simple – it allows you to see which of your team members are available at any given moment. They’ll be displayed as busy if they’re in a call, so you’ll know who to reach out for a quick response rather than trying people one-by-one.

The Short Answer: Right Now!

If you want to be at the top of your game and ensure the longevity of your business, then switching over to a hosted phone system is a no-brainer. 

You’ll be able to face any challenge that comes your way.

Contact a UnitedCloud associate to learn more.

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