Virtual Fax: Convenient & Cost-Effective

  • May 15, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

Today’s virtual fax has little resemblance to its predecessor. Conventional fax filled business people with dread and loathing. In contrast, virtual fax is a welcome form of convenient and cost-effective communication, simplifying processes and seamlessly integrating with established workflows.

UnitedCloud has 2 flavours of virtual fax: Internet Fax, a stand-alone full featured service with broadcast faxing, cover pages, and many bells and whistles, or Portal Fax which is more economical and available within the phone portal.

Virtual Fax Convenience

Virtual fax has taken the sometimes-painful process of faxing and transformed it into a simple, convenient solution. You can fax from almost anywhere – directly from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

The Virtual Fax Solution delivers your incoming faxes directly to your email as PDF attachments. This gives you the ability to print, save or forward them on to someone else.

Did you accidentally delete a fax from your email? No worries! Just log into your account in the Virtual Fax portal, and you’ll be able to see all your incoming and outgoing faxes. Simple as that!

Need to send a fax to someone? You can log into your Virtual Fax account, fill in a very user-friendly form and send from there, or you can send a fax straight out of your email – allowing you to send a fax when you’re not even in the office. Pretty cool!

10 Benefits of Virtual Fax

Get all the benefits of traditional faxing with the added power and flexibility of the cloud. These 10 wonders of Virtual Fax make it a perfect solution:

  1. Saves money due to no added hardware, long-distance fees, or maintenance costs
  2. Gives you the choice of Toll Free or Local Calls
  3. Allows you to keep your existing fax number
  4. Saves office space
  5. Permits multiple users to share the account
  6. No software installation required
  7. Encryption increases security of sending, receiving and storing files
  8. Increase productivity and support remote staff by enabling fax from anywhere
  9. Delete spam faxes without ever having to print them
  10. Advanced reporting & features to review fax history, schedule faxes for future delivery, and much more!

For more about the advantages of switching to cloud faxing, click here.

Cost Comparison of Traditional Fax vs Virtual Fax Services

Many businesses are saving $1,000 or more annually when switching to virtual fax.   Here’s a simple cost comparison of buying, maintaining and operating a physical fax machine versus using UnitedCloud’s Internet or Portal Fax.

The savings can be exponential when your business has a heavy faxing need or has multiple machines. Multi-branch sites can now share an online faxing service to save even more and become more efficient.

Portal Fax

Portal Fax is a web-based interface from which to send and receive faxes. In addition to the above benefits, it includes the following features:

  • A simple online portal
  • Error alerting
  • $7 per month (includes a telephone number)
  • Fair Use policy of 200 pages per month per user
  • Supports most popular file formats for sending
  • Ability to preview and download sent/received faxes from the portal
  • Send a single file per fax with as many pages as needed
  • Inbound notifications by portal and email (PDF)
  • Unlimited retention

Simple Sending

As simple as 1… 2… 3. Select the phone number you wish to send from. (You can assign more than one.) Attach the file and identify the receiving fax’s phone number.

In addition to Portal Fax, UnitedCloud offers 2 more faxing solutions to meet all your needs:

Online Fax

Our Premium Fax Solution

  • $15 per month
  • 500 Page per month target user\business
  • Sophisticated Cover Pages (3 templates)
  • Multiple File uploads per single fax
  • Broadcast up to 50 different numbers at a time
  • Shared with up to 8 users
  • Delayed send options
  • Send faxes from your email (email-to-fax)
  • Inbound Notifications by portal and email
  • All traffic remains in Canada and uses Canadian Servers
  • Unlimited retention

HTTPS Physical Fax

  • $25 per month
  • Specialized store and forward ATA required
  • Interfaces with existing Fax Machines
  • Backup with fax-to-email when the fax machine is offline
  • All traffic remains in Canada and uses Canadian Servers

Contact UnitedCloud today for more information about our virtual fax solutions.

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