Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for Cloud Service Resellers

  • July 10, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

Content marketing has never been more important to business success than it is today. Consumers make purchasing decisions about products and services based on the content they find online. Without great content, it’s impossible to establish an authoritative presence online that will attract new customers.  

So how does a cloud service reseller create a successful online marketing strategy? Here are 3 of the top content marketing trends to focus on. 

1. Blog Content

A website alone is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. But adding a blog can significantly boost your online presence. 

An active blog (publishing a new post at least once a week) gives you the opportunity to provide fresh content on a regular basis, focusing on different aspects of your business in greater detail. For a cloud communications business, for example, you can post about a specific feature of one product one week, the benefits of your service for a targeted industry the next week, and the “latest and greatest” in cloud communications or a client case study the following week. 

Continually adding new quality content about your business, products, and services can greatly improve your rankings in search engine results over time. This increases the chances of consumers finding you online. 

Blog content can also double as content for your social media platforms. Sharing a link to a newly published blog post is a quick and easy way to stay connected to your online followers and drive more traffic to your website. 

2. Email Marketing

Email is not dead yet! Of the 90% of Canadians who use the internet, 89% use email (Source). The average amount of work-related emails a Canadian sends and receives each week is over 100 (Source). That’s a lot of email!

The ROI of email marketing is impressive: For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect to make $44 (Source).

Sending regular emails to your contacts keeps your business at the top of their minds. Providing enriching and helpful content will only serve to strengthen your relationship with your prospects and customers. 

Your email marketing should add value. Using a variety of content in your email campaigns increases their effectiveness and prevents recipients from getting bored. Your emails could include: 

  • your latest blog post, 
  • a tutorial on how to use a new cloud service feature, 
  • a free e-book or guide download, 
  • promoting a webinar, 
  • a video, 
  • an infographic, 
  • and more. 

3. Visual Content

People are more likely to remember something if it’s paired with a relevant image. Incorporating visually-appealing and engaging graphics in all your content will increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. 

Use screenshots to show features of your products rather than just explaining with text. Create infographics to provide a visual version of facts and statistics. Transform your best blog posts into short videos to share on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to create a graphic for each blog post so sharing the link on social will generate a visual preview (which always leads to more clicks). 

How to Create Content for Cloud Service Reseller Marketing

It’s easy to recognize the value of these marketing trends, but making it happen is another thing. Creating content takes time and skill. Depending on the size of your business, it might seem like a daunting task. 

Maybe it’s time to consider hiring someone to take on your online marketing. Even hiring a part-time blog writer or social media manager can help. Do a trial run. Experiment. Crunch the numbers. 

If hiring a dedicated content creator to drive your marketing strategy isn’t in your budget and you don’t have time to do all the work yourself, UnitedCloud has a solution! 

Our partners enjoy the benefits of our dedicated Partner Tool, including a comprehensive library of custom-branded print marketing assets and content to use in your own marketing strategy. No need to “reinvent the wheel” or hire a content creator. Our marketing team has done the work for you to support your business and help you grow.

Contact us to find out more about how UnitedCloud works to support our cloud communications partners.

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