This is the Best Phone System to Improve Warehouse Productivity

  • April 29, 2020
  • Author: Keith Young

Efficiency and effective communication are the marks of a successful warehouse. The right tools make all the difference.

Warehouses have unique challenges when it comes to communication. Cloud technology provides the best phone system to improve warehouse productivity. 

Common Challenges in Warehouse Productivity

Not just any phone system can meet the unique needs of a warehouse. Warehouse personnel are constantly on the move, and the industrial environment presents specific challenges.

  • Multiple Locations & Extensions: For warehouses with more than one location, seamless communication is a must for efficiency.
  • Cost: The functionality required by warehouses for their phone system can become costly with conventional systems. You need an affordable option.
  • Flexibility: Your team changes regularly. It must be easy to add and remove phones as needed.
  • Easy Access: When going between warehouses, workers need easy access to phone extensions, settings, or voicemail from any location.
  • Standardized Connectivity: A standard, company-wide instant messaging solution  simplifies staying connected.
  • Quality: In the loud industrial environment of a warehouse, a more rugged phone than the typical desk phone is necessary.
  • Quick Setup: Slow installation results in lost production. You need a system that can be installed quickly and learned easily by your entire team.
  • Availability: The ability to see which colleagues are available saves time, and availability on demand for customers improves customer experience.

A cloud phone system addresses each of these unique warehouse communication challenges directly.

5 Benefits of a Cloud Phone System for Warehouses

An integral requirement of warehouse productivity is effective communication with team members and customers. A cloud phone system gives you an integrated communications solution that provides these key benefits:

1. Boost work efficiency and productivity.

A warehouse has so many moving parts. A cloud phone system is designed to provide flexible options to streamline operations and reduce workflow bottlenecks. No matter where your staff are – in the warehouse, the office, or on the road – they can stay connected. 

Rugged wireless headsets can withstand the wear and tear of the busy industrial environment, increasing efficiency by enabling workers to keep working while on the phone. 

2. Improve communication within the warehouse.

A lack of clear communication can lead to costly delays, errors, or safety issues. A cloud phone system has features that allow you to hear your phone ring from anywhere in the warehouse so you don’t miss a single call. Ring groups and call queues ensure that every call is answered by someone on your team, even if the first extension is unavailable. 

3. Provide excellent customer service.

By equipping your team with the best communication tools, your entire workflow is improved resulting in greater customer satisfaction. 

If a customer contacts you about a broken part, for example, your sales team can use a video conference call to take a look even if they’re in the field. They can confirm the part requiring replacement and check the warehouse inventory. If the part is in stock, it can be shipped that same day. 

Customer service can’t get any better than that. 

4. Consistent communication between branches.

Regardless of which location your staff work from, they have access to the same features and functionality with your cloud phone system. Access to multiple communication channels (like phone, audio and video conferencing, or text messaging) keeps communication fast and efficient. This simplicity and seamlessness also creates consistency in your customer service.

5. Save money.

Compared to a conventional phone system, a cloud phone solution will save you money. Reduce operating costs while enjoying the benefits of advanced features to increase productivity and improve communications company-wide.

4 Reasons Why This is the Best Phone System for Your Warehouse

How does a cloud phone system provide all these benefits to your warehouse? There are many ways, but let’s look at 4. 

1. Mobility

Wireless headsets give the workers freedom to go where they need to go within the warehouse. 

Mobile integration keeps warehouse staff connected no matter where they are. They can log into their office phone from any device with an internet connection, turning their mobile device into a simple extension of the office phone.

Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring mean every call can be answered, even if no one is in the office.

2. Enhanced Features

Cloud phone technology includes many features to enhance the functionality of your communications system.

  • Auto Attendant is your virtual receptionist, answering and directing calls automatically.
  • Presence shows you to see who is available at a glance, saving time trying to track someone down.
  • Voicemail transcription saves everybody time by sending a text version of your voicemail messages to your email. No more wasting time logging in and listening to long, slow messages.
  • Audio and video conferencing for easier collaboration.
  • Chat and SMS Messaging for quick, convenient communication.
  • Mobile Integration to turn any mobile device into an extension of your office phone.
  • User and Manager Portal to manage and customize your system from anywhere with an internet connection. Call analytics and recording can help you improve your service. 

3. Affordability

Getting set up with a cloud phone system is more affordable than conventional systems. Hardware costs are low and training is included. Without any maintenance or long-distance fees, the cost savings are hard to beat.

4. Multi-Location Connectivity

A centralized (cloud) phone system easily connects to as many warehouses as necessary. Scaling is simple enough that you don’t have to hire professionals to maintain your system. It’s compact and easy to relocate, if necessary. Adding lines and extensions can be done with a few clicks of your mouse. 

Call routing, conferencing, and other features facilitate a cohesive team no matter how many locations you have.

This One Change Can Improve Your Warehouse Productivity

In your warehouse, efficiency and effective communication lead to productivity. The simplicity, flexibility, and functionality of a cloud phone system make it the best option for your warehouse.

Make the switch to an easy-to-use cloud phone system and enjoy cost savings, enhanced features, and greater mobility in every one of your warehouses. Keep your team connected and free up space in your office. 

Let UnitedCloud take care of your phone system while you take care of your warehouse. Contact one of our specialists to get started!

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