The Best Phone System for Insurance Companies

  • July 17, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

For insurance companies, a highly-functioning, easy-to-use, flexible and reliable phone system is vital to business success. You receive phone calls from customers who may be upset and emotional due to stressful situations. Their experience during the entire call matters to them and ultimately makes a difference to your bottom line. 

A phone system for insurance agencies must be:

  • Reliable – with excellent sound quality and no risk of downtime or latency
  • Simple & easy to use – to avoid clumsy button-pushing or accidentally dropping calls 
  • Flexible – to accommodate after-hours calls, remote agents, fluctuations in staff & call volume, and to easily scale as your business grows
  • Affordable – cost-effective regardless of the size of your agency or the features you need

All of this is possible with a cloud phone system – the best phone system for insurance companies. 

The Best Insurance Customer Service Available

An exceptional customer service experience with an insurance agency can have a profound impact on a customer. As one of their first contacts in the event of emergencies, it’s your privilege and responsibility to make their call a bright spot in an otherwise difficult day. 

A cloud phone system greatly improves the level of customer service your insurance company can provide. 

Perfect Availability

Being available at all times – no matter what – is essential for insurance agencies. Easily provide 24/7 customer support through automated “answering rules” to direct after-hours calls to the on-call agent without requiring the agent to be in the office. Auto-attendants, advanced voicemail, and customized call messaging guarantees your customers’ calls will be answered and directed appropriately.

Call Quality

You don’t want to add to claimant frustrations because of poor call quality. The impeccable service reliability and excellent sound quality of a cloud phone system make it ideal for insurance agencies. 

The technical service you provide is helpful, but the actual relationship being established and maintained by your agents is still the most important part of customer service. Develop industry-leading customer relationships through superior staff training and evaluation using call recording. 

Efficiency & Affordability for Insurance Agencies

Software Integration

Simplify your processes through integration with your existing CRM or other software applications (like blueButler™). Voicemail-to-email and automatic call recording and management are some of the convenient features that can empower your insurance company to provide outstanding customer service.

Cloud Fax

Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax service enables you to send and receive fax communications from any web-connected device anywhere and at any time. Schedule, manage and store your faxes online in one central location for easy access. 

Flexibility & Scalability

Success in the insurance industry requires a high degree of flexibility. Working at all hours to accommodate customers is part of it. Effective communication from any location is important, too. A cloud phone system keeps remote agents connected and makes filing forms and sending reports directly from a disaster site possible. 

As your insurance agency grows and staff come and go, a cloud phone system can seamlessly accommodate your changing needs. Installation is quick and easy. New users can simply plug in their new phone and instantly use it. Moving to a new location won’t disrupt service or require an IT crew to set everything up again. 


The cost savings of a cloud phone system make it the most affordable choice for insurance companies:

  • Free unlimited North American long distance calling 
  • No extra hardware to maintain or set up
  • No maintenance fees
  • Highly affordable toll-free numbers
  • Cloud faxing 
  • and more!

Give your insurance company the competitive advantage with a cloud phone system. Empower your agents to provide the best customer support available while increasing efficiency, enjoying flexibility, and saving costs. 

To find out more about the many features of a cloud phone system to benefit your insurance company, contact us today

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