The Best Dental Practice Phone Solution

  • April 5, 2018
  • Author: Keith Young

For any dental practice, the phone system is the nerve center of your business. It can also be one of your largest office expenses. A hosted phone system from UnitedCloud is the most efficient and cost-saving phone solution for dental businesses across the country. Consider the benefits:

Provide exceptional patient care

  • Improve patient-practice relationships. UnitedCloud integrates your phone system with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. This allows you to immediately see the history, appointments, notes, and billing information for any patient who calls your office. Not only does this make patient care easier for your staff, it also enables them to effortlessly provide the personal touch your patients want.
  • Save patients time and increase efficiency. UnitedCloud uses automation and call center features to direct and filter calls. Your phone is answered and patients are directed to the right staff person every single time. Eliminate busy signals, long wait times spent on hold, or dropped calls. Even after hours, your phone system can be serving your patients by redirecting them to a line where someone is available to them.

Save money

  • Enterprise phone system features at small business prices. Setting up and maintaining any modern technological system can be expensive. UnitedCloud’s solution gives you all the latest features without all of the expense. The cloud-based phone system replaces the need for costly hardware and complicated setups and eliminates long-distance and maintenance costs.

Simplify the management of your practice

  • Don’t waste your time learning complex systems and fussing with technical issues. The UnitedCloud system is simple to use and includes technical support. Because our solution is cloud-based, you no longer pay for expensive technicians to show up on-site. You’re enabled to make your own changes from anywhere at any time, or call us to remotely support you.
  • Reports and analytics help you streamline office protocols and improve patient care. View reports of missed calls, how long patients are on hold, and even set alerts for patients who have been on hold for too long.

Able Dental Group, an Alberta practice using over 60 UnitedCloud phones, says:

“Our large staff demands a lot from the phone system. UnitedCloud has risen above the crowd to provide us with a solution and support team that rivals any other.

The UnitedCloud system is flexible enough to accommodate the increasing demands of our multi-office practice. The history feature saves us a lot of guesswork by detailing when or if someone called, how many calls we are receiving, who they are from, how long we are spending on calls, recording calls, missed calls, and when our peak hours are for phone calls.

We had no idea how much we could get from a phone system!”

UnitedCloud’s phone system allows you to focus on the patients and practice you care about and less time and energy on expensive, complicated systems to accomplish basic tasks.

Empower your team to provide exceptional care. Find out more about UnitedCloud’s solution today.

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