Never Check Your Voicemail Again

  • May 30, 2018
  • Author: Keith Young

“I don’t have time to listen to my voicemail messages.”

Sound familiar?

You work hard at what you do, and voicemail is not at the top of your daily task list. Meetings and sales calls and deadlines all scramble for first place in the race to fill your time. Voicemail sits on the sidelines waiting for a turn that rarely comes.

When you don’t have time to check your voicemail, those messages add up and it becomes an overwhelming and time-consuming project. You dread it more with each new message that’s added, so you procrastinate, and the situation gets worse.

Voicemail-To-Email Solution

There is a solution!

UnitedCloud’s voicemail-to-email feature provides maximum efficiency and makes receiving and managing your voicemail messages easy and convenient. You no longer need to log into your voicemail client via your phone. No more extra passwords to enter. No more wasted time.

How It Works

When someone leaves you a voicemail message, an email is sent to your inbox. The email has the Caller ID information in the subject line, allowing you to see at a glance who left you a message. This is especially useful if you’ve got multiple messages, but you’re most interested in hearing from a specific person. You’re able to quickly filter important messages and get back to the rest of them at a more convenient time.

If you choose the option*, the body of the email contains a text transcription of the voicemail message. This saves so much time because you don’t have to listen to your caller’s pauses or long-winded rambling. You can simply scan the text for the critical information you need to know.

If the transcription is not clear, you’re able to listen to the audio file right from within the email.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Save time

  • Quickly scan your inbox for messages you’ve been waiting for.
  • No need to enter passwords or spend time on your phone listening to long or slow messages.
  • No need to listen to an entire message before you get to the part you really need to hear.

Action Messages Immediately

  • Include the voicemail-to-email message in an email reply to the client, saving you from having to make another phone call or type out the context in a new email.
  • Forward the message to someone else. Delegate!
  • Archive the message in your inbox to come back to later. No need to keep it saved in your voicemail box where it will eventually be forgotten.

Flexibility That Meets Your Needs

UnitedCloud’s voicemail-to-text feature allows you to easily add additional email recipients. This comes in handy if you have other email addresses that you check more often. It also makes enlisting the help of coworkers to filter messages for you effortless.

It’s Voicemail – Only Better!

Voicemail is frequently the method of choice for people in the business world. Give them the freedom to contact you by phone while allowing yourself the flexibility and time you need to do your job well.

With UnitedCloud’s voicemail-to-text, you’re no longer a victim of your voicemail. Be the master of your voicemail!

Save time and get things done. Get in touch with a UnitedCloud expert today.

*Transcription option is only $2 a month per user account.

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