Meet Zohaib

  • May 30, 2022
  • Author: Olivia Kalenda

Previous Experience

Zohaib is UnitedCloud’s accountant. His skills include tax preparation, bookkeeping and complex financial data. He has previously worked in the restaurant industry and in personal care. We are overwhelmingly pleased with Zohaib’s contribution to our team.

What Do You Like Most About UnitedCloud?

“I mean it’s so hard to decide. I thoroughly enjoy my time at UnitedCloud- I’d say everything!”

What Hobbies and Interests Do You Have Outside of Work?

“I’d say I’m a pretty athletic person. I enjoy playing basketball and soccer. I also play video games, watch movies, draw and enjoy going to the park. ”

What Were You Like At the Age of 10?

“I was a very curious child. I would always ask questions. I enjoyed trying out new sports and exploring different interests.”


If Given a Chance, Who Would You Like To Be For a Day?

“I’ve always wondered what a day in the life of the Prince of England would be like.”


What is the Weirdest Thing You’ve Eaten?

“Does calamari count as weird?”


What Music Do You Like Listening To?

“You’ll most likely catch me listening to either rap, rock or classical music“


What’s the Best Vacation You’ve Ever Had and Why?

“I really enjoyed going to Victoria. The weather is nothing to compare with Alberta in the winter seasons. I’d love to go again.”


UnitedCloud is founded upon integrity and we believe that it takes a team to facilitate our success in such a complex industry. We are consistently amazed by our team members and their performance. Stay tuned as we begin to feature our team members on a weekly basis to show them our appreciation.


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