Meet Steven

  • June 6, 2022
  • Author: Keith Young

Previous Experience

As far as professional experience- limited.  I volunteered for the community from a very young age, and worked as an event assistant in my local municipality.  As far as skills required for the job, I have a knack for communicating to others, and have always tried to develop a personal connection with the people I meet throughout my life.”


Google Project Management Certification, Soft Switch Certification and  25+ Workplace Certificates through

What Do You Like Most About UnitedCloud?

“My favourite thing about UnitedCloud has to be the people. I knew many of them from my personal life before joining, and I connected with every single member of staff from very early on. I am honoured to work beside them. My favourite part about my role however, is being able to connect with someone new with every implementation.  You may see a theme here, but I love meeting new people, being able to learn new things from others and gaining new perspectives each time.

What Hobbies and Interests Do You Have Outside of Work?

I play in a Badminton club every week, and I’m extremely passionate about hockey (Go Flames Go).  I will never turn down a game of any type; whether it be card, board, video, or sport.”

What Were You Like at the Age of 10?

“I am not sure I have changed too much since then, but the people that have watched me grow may tell a different story. I was a competitive, very active, and compassionate child. I gravitated toward friendships, and seemed to make it my mission to be friends with anyone I could lock eyes with. If someone was watching from the sidelines, I would either pull them into whatever game I was playing or start a new one that they were more comfortable with.”

If Given a Chance, Who Would You Like To Be For a Day?

“Probably the president of the United States. I am a very curious person and have so many questions that have answers locked behind security doors. I would spend the entire day asking my advisors about alien contact, international politics and relations and why no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993!”

What is the Weirdest Thing You’ve Eaten?

“I am pretty sure that most of the things I eat, most people have never heard of, so it is hard to gauge what would be the WEIRDEST. Are Broccoli sprouts weird?  What about cream cheese made out of cashews?”

What Music Do You Like Listening To?

The people around me would say I purely listen to country music.  NOT TRUE. Country does make up 80% of my playlist though, so it’s definitely my most listened to genre. The truth is I love singing, so I tend to listen to songs that I can sing, no matter the genre. Anything from Eminem, to Luke Combs, Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli, Imagine Dragons and even musicals like Les Miserables and Tik Tik Boom… Don’t ask for a solo though, I only sing in the comfort of my car or shower!”

What’s the Best Vacation You’ve Ever Had and Why?

“My brother received his masters in Scotland not too long ago and then began working in England. I visited him while he was there and fell in love with the English countryside. We didn’t even touch the big cities, but walked around cobblestone streets, and visited as many castles as we could find. It was truly a magical experience.”

UnitedCloud is proud to have such wonderful team members. Their dedication and growth is indispensable for the growth of our company. Stay tuned as we feature our team on a weekly basis as a token of our appreciation. 

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