Meet Robin

  • June 20, 2022
  • Author: Olivia Kalenda

Previous Experience

Robin is UnitedCloud’s TechOps. With over 15 years of telecommunications under his belt as a field technician, we are proud to have him apart of our team.


ITIL 4.0 Foundation Certification and several vendor specific certifications.

What Do You Like Most About UnitedCloud?

“I like the positive vibe and its culture.”

What Hobbies and Interests Do You Have Outside of Work?

I like watching team sports like basketball and hockey. I also like to read and learn new things.”

What Were You Like At the Age of 10?

“I was a very shy boy sporting a bob-cut.”

If Given a Chance, Who Would You Like To Be For a Day?

“For a day, I would probably like to have super powers like Superman.”

What is the Weirdest Thing You’ve Eaten?

“The weirdest thing I have eaten was a well-developed duck egg embryo that was boiled, wherein the features of the duckling were almost recognizable.”

What Music Do You Like Listening To?

I love listening to slow, mellow music but I will listen to any genre.”

What’s the Best Vacation You’ve Ever Had and Why?

“The best vacation I’ve ever had, was in the Philippines in 2017. I was able to stay for almost four months and go to different destinations all over the country.”


It gives UnitedCloud such pride to inform our partners and followers of how great our team members are. Their diligence and detailed approach towards their work has set high expectations within our company. Stay tuned as we feature yet another greatly appreciated team member next week.

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