Meet Our Technicians: Aly

  • January 9, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

Reo Harb, Director (Left); Aly Hasham, Tech Support (Right)

Aly Hasham

Aly joined our team in the fall of 2018 during an 8-week internship program with the Information & Technology Bridging Program through CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society). Upon completion of the program, Aly became a permanent part of the UnitedCloud Technician Team.

With almost a decade of professional experience in IT and extensive familiarity with engineering, programming, networking, telecom and software experience, Aly adds valuable expertise to our company.

Previous Experience:

I’ve been interested in IT since childhood. (My parents owned a computer college when I was growing up.)

Along with being a freelance IT consultant since 2011, I’ve also been:

  • Desk-Side Support (Help Desk), PBX Lead, and Senior Desk Side at Talisman Energy for 3 years
  • Telecom Analyst for HR Block for 2 years
  • Integration Support Specialist at PointClickCare


SAIT Computer Technology – 2008

What I like most about UnitedCloud:

The team can actually talk tech lingo. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Hobbies and interests I have outside of work:

Playing with all tech toys and making sure I’m prepared for any situation with my tech items (especially using them together in ways they were not meant to be used).

I have a few different IT-related projects that I’m interested in and learning about in my spare time , including VR, SMS, and programming.

What I was like at age 10:

I was into sports. I used to play soccer, badminton, table tennis, etc. I wish I had kept playing sports more often.

The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten:

Fried grasshoppers.

Music I like listening to:

I like the older music (e.g. ABBA , Ace of Base , Bob Marley). However, I don’t mind listening to any type of music.

The best vacation I’ve ever had:

Mombasa, Kenya. I had a lot of childhood memories attached with the vacations. Lovely beach and drive through the town. A lot of fond memories.

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