How to Sell Cloud Service to Your Customers

  • March 13, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

As a cloud service agent or white-label reseller, you understand that cloud communications is the best option for business telephony. The efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and features of cloud phone technology should make it an easy choice for potential customers.

Clear communication of the advantages of switching from a conventional landline to a modern cloud-based system is essential to your customer understanding the benefits of updating their system.

How do you effectively sell cloud service to your clients?

The main advantages of a cloud-based system are flexibility, affordability, and dependability. To help you inform your customers, these can be broken down into 6 key benefits:

1. Cost-effective

A cloud-based phone system reduces the overhead costs of communication. Your customers pay for high-speed internet service (which they most likely need anyway) and the cloud subscription.

Customers pay only for the features they need and want, many of which are included in the basic subscription.

The initial infrastructure investment is minimal compared to a traditional system. And ongoing maintenance costs are also lower.

2. Easy to Implement

Cloud communications implementation does not require complex infrastructure, new wires, or physical phones. Your customers can use their existing network to create a functional cloud phone system.

The cloud provider hosts, maintains, and upgrades the system on behalf of your customer, making it easy from Day 1 and beyond.

3. Easy to Scale

Most businesses start small and scale up over time. With a cloud-based system, scaling is easy. Compatibility with various hardware and software (including wireless devices, computer calling, or desktop phone sets) makes adding new users a breeze.

Because cloud services are self-managed, your customers don’t need to hire an IT person when they want to make changes.

4. Easy Integration

Cloud services are easily integrated with the existing IT systems your customers already have in place. Integration with other software applications (such as email, CRMs, etc.) simplifies their processes and allows your customers to increase the level of service they can provide to their own clientele.

Integration with voicemail enables seamless communication from remote locations. Features like voicemail-to-email are an appreciated convenience for busy workers.

5. Portability

One undeniable advantage of a cloud-based system over a conventional one is its portability.

Integration with mobile phones and other wireless devices allows your customers to take the system wherever they need to go. Additionally, technology that enables adapting computers and analog phones to communicate in the cloud makes connecting from temporary locations (e.g. hotels or conference halls) easy.

6. Extra Features

Customers can be slow to convert because they’ve grown accustomed to the features of their existing system.

A cloud communications system can support these features:

For a new customer, the advantages of a cloud-based phone system might not be immediately apparent. And that’s okay. That’s where you come in.

As an agent or white-label reseller, you’re responsible for informing customers of the benefits of cloud communications and why it might be the ideal solution for their business.

If you need help with promoting the UnitedCloud system, contact us. We’d be happy to provide you with some extra support.

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