How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Solution for Your Business

  • June 3, 2020
  • Author: Keith Young

As remote work becomes an essential part of the modern workplace, the best video conferencing solution for your business will facilitate productivity rather than hamper it.

The right video conferencing solution will empower users and reduce the burden on your IT department. It facilitates: 

  • Internal project collaboration – Your teams can connect easily and from anywhere.
  • External communication and presentation – Schedule, set up, and run meetings without tech support.
  • Remote troubleshooting capabilities – Your IT specialists can resolve user issues more quickly and easily with this support tool.

The tools we use in business should help us work smarter, not harder. Because video conferencing is still a relatively new communications solution, the options vary greatly on many levels. Choose wisely.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Video Conferencing

Here are 7 key factors to consider when choosing the best video conferencing solution for your business:

1. Ease of Use

If setting up, joining, or using a video conferencing tool is not easy, people will become frustrated and lose interest in using it. If you’re going to make a video conferencing solution available to your team, it must be accessible and easy to adopt for all users. 

It couldn’t be simpler or easier to join a video meeting than with a single click. One-click joining is ideal. 

Another useful feature is integration with other applications. For example, if your scheduled video meetings can automatically show up in your digital calendar, it saves you a step and keeps everything up-to-date.

2. Resolution & Audio Quality

Higher quality audio and video keeps users engaged. 

Especially if you’re hosting meetings with customers or potential clients and partners, you want the video resolution to be clear with good quality sound. Participants need to be able to clearly see what’s being presented and hear what’s being said.

Find a video conferencing solution with optimized audio and video for reliable connectivity. 

3. Security and Privacy

As with in-person meetings, security and privacy are an important part of video conferencing. You want to be sure that only the people who should have access are able to join. 

There are several ways conferencing solutions help to maintain your privacy. One is by allowing you to password protect your meetings so that only those you’ve invited can attend. Ask potential video conferencing providers if you have complete control over who can enter your meetings.

The security of data in transit and in storage (if applicable) should prevent data breaches. 

4. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing increases the functionality of your video conferencing solution by enabling participants to present and collaborate in real-time with everyone in the meeting. This helps to clarify your message and brings video conferencing as close to in-person meetings as possible. 

5. Recording and Cloud Storage

Ever have one of those days when it seemed your brain simply could not retain another piece of information? Meeting fatigue is a real problem. Call recording is the solution.

A video conferencing tool that allows you to record your meetings for playback later benefits everyone. Attendees who need to brush up on what was discussed or want to reference something that was presented can do so at their convenience. No need to bother anyone with a repeated conversation. 

6. Reliability

Productivity is greatly hindered by technical issues. If your video conferences regularly crash or fail to launch, much time is wasted. The resulting frustration destroys motivation and impacts collaboration, too. 

You need a reliable solution with the highest possible uptime for stress-free and seamless communication. 

7. Capacity & Scalability

Before choosing your video conferencing solution, determine how your business will use it. 

  • What kind of meetings will you hold? 
  • How many participants will join the average meeting? 
  • How often will you use it? 

As your business grows, the size and frequency of your video conferences will increase. Choose a provider that will allow you to scale.

The Best Video Conferencing for Your Business

The best video conferencing solution for your business includes:

  • One-click join feature
  • Easy scheduling
  • Optimized audio and video
  • Secured data and private meetings
  • Call recording
  • High uptime guarantee for reliability
  • Adequate capacity to accommodate all participants
  • Ability to scale with your business

Try UC Connect for Free

UnitedCloud’s video conferencing solution, UC Connect, has all of the above and more. Our users enjoy several additional features:

  • Webinars – Host up to 1,000 participants with up to 6 hosts or presenters.
  • Persistent Meeting Rooms – Reuse the same (persistent) credentials for meetings
  • Chat – Participants can chat in groups or with individuals in a panel within the video conference
  • File sharing – Share files via the chat panel
  • Layout Options – Select the best layout for your conference or webinar depending on the purpose of your meeting and the number of attendees

Try UC Connect for free until September 2020. (Note: During the free trial, video conferences are limited to 10 participants and webinars are limited to 50 participants.)

Contact a UnitedCloud specialist today for more information about UC Connect.

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