Benefits of Call Recording

Call Recording

There are many reasons why call recordings can be vital to any business, no matter what industry you are in. Every business runs the risk of being hit with a … Read More

Sometimes Change is Good

Keep your voicemail message up to date

Everyone knows voicemail is a great tool, allowing callers to leave you a message if you are unavailable, away or simply on another call. But have you thought about your … Read More

Keep Holding On

No one likes being on hold. And no one likes to keep their callers waiting. But at UnitedCloud we know there are times where there’s just no alternative. In a … Read More

3-Way Calling

We understand that in this day and age of business, it’s all about staying connected – even if you’re not in the same location. Many businesses have staff and partners … Read More

Business Phone Feature: User Portal

Here at UnitedCloud, we are passionate about providing state of the art customer service, but we also believe that our phone solution should be one that anyone can manage on … Read More