A Telecommuter’s Best Friend: Why Cloud Phone is the Ultimate Solution for Remote Workers

  • July 20, 2021
  • Author: Keith Young

Most of us are now well-acquainted with the concept of work from home, but in many cases, work from home is harder than on-site work; lack of contact with team members, no access to tools, and a host of other issues can arise when working remotely.

A cloud-based solution can eliminate most of these problems – and even make it more productive and efficient than in-person work!

Use any device

Our mobile integration feature enables you to access your desk phone line from any device – whether that be a cell phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, or anything else you can think of. 

You’re now free to work from anywhere you want, and your customers won’t know the difference – there’s no loss of functionality, no matter what device you switch to. 

Keep in touch with team members

In most cases, remote workers still need to keep in touch with their teams even though they’re away from the office. With the video and audio conferencing tools included in our cloud phone solution, you’ll be able to connect with your team in just a few clicks.

Our video conferencing tool also has standing meeting rooms, meaning you can use the same link for your calls every time. 

Know when coworkers are available

Our presence feature makes it easy to know who’s available at all times by showing a status icon next to their name. Whether they’re busy, in a call, or available to contact, you’ll know with just a quick glance. It’s a whole lot easier than ringing your co-workers one-by-one!

No need for a receptionist

Auto-Attendant is a feature that replaces a human receptionist. It receives calls, plays a customized message, and directs them to their desired extension – all without any human input! It’s a huge time saver, and it definitely makes things easier for remote workers. They’ll receive the necessary calls without any hassle.

Once the system is set up with a custom message and all the extensions are set, Auto-Attendant works all on its own!

Answering Rules/ Do Not Disturb

When your office and living room become one and the same, the line between work and leisure time is easily blurred. Our Answering Rules feature makes it easier to keep work from eating into your relaxation time. 

Do not Disturb is an answering rule that blocks all calls coming into your office phone line, directing the caller to voicemail instead.  You can schedule Do not Disturb to activate at 5:00 PM when you finish work, and turn off at 9:00 AM when you start – this way you can relax with no worries once work is over, and receive the calls only when you’re supposed to!

This feature creates a healthy separation between work and home so you can truly switch “work mode” off at the end of the day.

Keep things simple with a single solution

All these features come from UnitedCloud and integrate together, meaning you won’t have to be switching apps for every task you do. Everything will be in one place for ease of use.

Get in touch with us today for more info!

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