A Hosted Phone System Takes Accounting Service To The Next Level

  • July 25, 2018
  • Author: Keith Young

Professional service is a must for any successful accounting firm. With a cloud-based phone solution, your accounting team can focus on doing their best work and offering your clients top-level customer service.

A Real Accountant Firm Testimonial

Abbadi Professional Corp CPA is an accounting firm specializing in corporate bookkeeping and accounting, including payroll and corporate tax services.

This growing business chose a UnitedCloud hosted phone system to accommodate an expanding team of accountants. Their new phone solution gives them access to enterprise features at a fraction of the cost of a conventional premises-based phone system.

Hisham of Abbadi Professional Corp CPA highlights the key benefits of their cloud phone solution:

“Our cloud phone system has proven to be a great asset to our firm. It has improved the level of customer service we can offer because of the added features.

Some of our staff work part-time. With automated routing of inbound calls, we ensure that our clients are taken care of, even when their accountant is unavailable that day.

The ability to record calls helps us with client file retention when we’re working with various outside tax agencies.

Conference calling adds convenience and saves time for our entire firm.

And the Find Me Follow Me feature allows our management team to stay in touch when we are in the field with clients.

Our UnitedCloud phone system is an invaluable tool in the success of our company.”

Hosted Phone Benefits Accountants

A hosted phone solution can improve your accounting business. The system can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

Some of the best features for any accounting firm include:

  • Conference calling – support a mobile workforce; connect with anyone from anywhere
  • Integration with your technology ecosystem – automatically log client calls and sync them to your CRM (customer relationship management) system
  • Voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-text – stay connected in the most effective way for your workday schedule
  • Automated call recording – useful for reference and record-keeping
  • Cloud faxing – more secure; paperless; efficient file management
  • Call forwarding & call-back technology – no more hold wait times for callers; never miss an important call
  • AutoAttendant – a “virtual receptionist”; automatically screen and direct calls to the appropriate extension

Hosted Phone Saves Costs

A hosted phone system is full of features that save costs. Without having to maintain hardware or purchase software, you save money from Day One. There are no added IT support costs, unlimited long distance calling is included, and working remotely is easy and seamless due to video conferencing.

Hosted Phone Helps Your Accounting Firm Succeed

As your accounting business grows, your team will grow, too. With a hosted phone system, scaling your business is simple – no new phone lines or extensions are required.

A cloud phone solution is on a private, secure, and reliable network. Using industry-standard security practices, a UnitedCloud system enables you to protect data, helping you to establish & maintain trust with your clientele.

Set your accounting firm up for success with a hosted phone solution. Save costs, build and maintain trust, and provide professional service with every client interaction.

Contact a UnitedCloud specialist to learn more about how a hosted phone system can take your accounting service to the next level.

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