A 3-Step Strategy for Success as a Cloud Phone Reseller

  • June 12, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

Every successful cloud phone reseller is unique in some way. Whether it’s superior products, exceptional service packages, extraordinary customer service or unrivaled reliability, each cloud phone business has its own strengths, weaknesses and “personality”.

Gaining the competitive advantage in the cloud communications industry can be challenging. We’ve previously outlined 5 Ways to Win More Cloud Service Customers, but the following 3 tips are equally essential to your success as a cloud phone reseller.

1. Purpose

Knowing your purpose as a company is foundational to your success as a cloud phone reseller. “What is our purpose?” applies to your business as a whole, but it’s also an invaluable tool to determine the effectiveness of individual processes and aspects of your business.

  • For what purpose does your business exist?
  • What is the purpose of each product?
  • What’s the purpose of each part of your sales process?
  • What’s the purpose of each role in your company?

Defining the purpose in every decision you make in the operation of your business will empower your entire team to be focused, take ownership of your business goals, and pursue them with enthusiastic intention.

2. Plan

Fail to plan; plan to fail.” We can thank Ben Franklin for that well-known adage. There is abundant truth in it. Pick up any business success bestseller and you’re bound to read about the necessity of a solid business plan in order to achieve your business goals. Or about establishing routines (a form of planning), or how to increase productivity (usually involving some planning), etc.

Making a plan without knowing it’s purpose is pointless. That’s why we touched on purpose in the first tip.

Also ineffective is being enslaved to your plan to the point of being inflexible. Sticking to a plan requires discipline and, yes, sometimes even discomfort. But you also need to develop the skill of discerning when it’s time to change the plan.

The economy changes. Consumer needs vary. Product availability, supply, and demand can fluctuate.

What happens when your plan involves expanding your office space but you’re suddenly faced with a termination of your lease agreement due to a change in ownership? You’ll need to change your plan (if only temporarily).

What if your competitors begin offering a brand new cloud phone innovation that far exceeds your own current offerings? It’s time to reevaluate your purpose and your plan.

A more exciting example: Imagine your business growing at a rate that far surpasses your projections. How are you going to manage that growth? You’ll need to quickly develop a new plan to scale in time with your present success!

Plans are useful tools, but they’re fluid. Give yourself the freedom to explore alterations over time.

3. Partnership

It takes a team effort to build a successful cloud phone reselling business.

Partnering with the right cloud service providers means you can offer something you can be proud of to your customers. The right partnership can also provide your own business with added support to improve the reputation of your brand, save you money, and equip your company with trusted expertise.

The partnerships that contribute to the success of your business include your staff and the rest of your business team. Review your purposes and your plans before hiring new team members. Be clear about what your business needs and why. There’s more to a qualifying individual than a great resume.

  • What type of person would be the best fit not only for sales or service but for your team?
  • Who shares your company values and will adapt to your business purposes?
  • Who is most likely to improve your company culture?

Boost Your Business

Knowing the purpose of your business, products, services and processes is foundational to the success as a cloud phone reseller. Planning and preparation with flexibility are the tools that propel your business toward your goals. And establishing strong partnerships with the right cloud service providers and your own business team empowers you to achieve those goals.

A key part of our purpose at UnitedCloud is to support our cloud phone resellers by providing a full suite of integrated tools to help you run your entire hosted solution. We take pride in assisting our reseller partners on your path to business success. Find out more about our White Label Program to boost your business.

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