UnitedCloud wants to make sure that all of our customers are aware of important differences in the way 9-1-1 service operates with a VoIP phone when compared with traditional telephone service. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Differences between traditional 9-1-1 service and VoIP phone 9-1-1

With traditional phone services, your 9-1-1 call is sent directly to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”). With VoIP phone service, your 9-1-1 call is forwarded to a third-party service provider that will automatically or manually route your call to the Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”).

Remember to provide your location

Because you can move your VoIP phone between locations and because, for technical reasons, the emergency operator may not have your name, location or contact information available, you must immediately inform the emergency operator of your location and contact particulars any time you call 9-1-1. Do not risk sending police or ambulance services to the wrong location.

Be prepared during any service interruption

VoIP phone service depends not only on your continued subscription (and payment) for the service, but also on Internet connectivity and power to function. In the event of power, network, or Internet outages (including congestion), or if your service is disconnected or suspended due to non-payment, you may experience a failure, disruption or delay in your 9-1-1 service. We recommend that you keep an alternative phone service (such as a cellular telephone) handy to increase the reliability of your access to emergency services during any service interruption.

Do not disconnect

Until you are told to do so by an emergency dispatcher, do not disconnect your 9-1-1 call. If you are inadvertently disconnected, call back immediately

Keep your service address up to date

UnitedCloud will attempt to provide the emergency operator with your service address, so please ensure that your information on file with us is always accurate and updated. If you do not do this (for example, if you are unable to speak during a 9-1-1 call), the emergency operator may assume that you are calling from the last registered address.

Inform other users

You must notify members of your household and other potential users of your VoIP phone service of the nature and limitations of 9-1-1 emergency calls. To make this easier, please download the UC-E911 Sticker Template for use with Avery 5163 Labels and attach the stickers in a visible location on your telephone sets.

Liability Disclaimer

UnitedCloud’s terms of service limit can be found in Section 17 of the signed contract for service and disclaim liability related to VoIP 9-1-1 service, so please read these carefully

17. PROVISION OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (VoIP and 911 Service) Limitations. 9-1-1 service associated with Your VoIP Services (Hosted PBX, Phone Line Replacement, SIP Trunking) has certain limitations compared with traditional 9-1-1 service, which are as follows:

a) If You dial 9-1-1, You will be automatically routed to a specialized call centre that handles emergency calls. The call centre is different from the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that would answer a traditional emergency call. You may be required to provide Your name, telephone number and address to the call centre operator.

b) You agree to notify The Service Provider immediately should you INTEND to change your use of your service, including without limitation, should You move the location or municipal address from which You use Your Service, by telephone at 587-885-1309 or via the online 9-1-1 Information database portion located at 911 Update – UnitedCloud  to ensure You maintain 9-1- 1 service.

c) You understand and acknowledge that 

i) should You change Your use of Your Service without first notifying The Service Provider and/or 

ii) should You choose to operate Your service outside of Your municipal address as registered with The Service Provider either temporarily or permanently, 9-1-1 service will not operate properly and Your ability to access 9-1-1 service will be adversely affected

d) You acknowledge and agree that The Service Provider, its affiliates, directors, employees, agents and underlying carriers, will not be liable for any injury, death or damage to persons or property, arising directly or indirectly out of, or relating to the 9-1-1 service and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Service Provider (and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and underlying carriers) for any liabilities, claims, damages, losses and expenses, (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) which you may suffer or incur, arising directly or indirectly out of or relating to 9-1-1 service with hosted PBX and/or VoIP services.

e) Service Outages. You acknowledge and understand that during Internet or dedicated connection service outages for any reason whatsoever, Your Service INCLUDING 9-1-1 SERVICE, will not work.

f) Loss of Service Due to Power Failure. You acknowledge and understand in the event of a power failure, Your Service, INCLUDING 9-1-1 SERVICE will not work. If there is an interruption in the power supply, 9-1-1 SERVICE, will not function until power is restored. A power failure or disruption may require You to re-set or reconfigure Equipment prior to using the Service. The Service Provider highly recommends the use of a UPS on all telecommunications equipment including by not limited to the mode, VoIP adapter, telephones, telephone system and other devices that play a critical role in communication.

For a complete description of our VoIP 9-1-1 service, please see UnitedCloud’s terms of service at