6 Ways Connecting With Clients & Candidates Is Better For Recruiting Firms With A Hosted Phone Solution

  • November 28, 2018
  • Author: Keith Young

A successful recruiting firm stands apart in their field because of an exceptional ability to connect with clients and candidates.

A hosted phone solution can help to make that happen. Your firm’s phone system has the potential to enable you to fill job orders, generate profits, establish and maintain your reputation, and gain a competitive advantage.

Here are 6 ways a hosted phone system makes connecting with clients and candidates better:

1. Extended Reach

Clients and candidates are often more likely to engage with a local recruiting firm rather than one in a distant geographical location. A hosted phone system gives your organization the advantage with the ability to affordably and easily register local numbers across the province or country and add toll-free numbers.

2. Enhanced Credibility

Even a small recruiting firm can be presented with the same level of credibility as a “big-time” firm. Toll free numbers can help with that, but the more impressive feature is the auto-attendant available with a hosted phone solution. This “virtual receptionist” can professionally greet callers with a customized message and direct calls to the appropriate agent.

3. Remote Connectivity

A hosted phone system offers the convenience of video conferencing. This is a cost-effective way of connecting with clients and candidates face-to-face, even from a distance.

Additionally, the system is designed to make connecting remotely quick and easy. Any staff member can make or receive calls using the hosted phone system from any location  via any device connected to the internet.

4. Personal Service

Building and maintaining personal relationships with clients and candidates is critical to success in the recruiting space. A hosted phone solution gives every staff member their own unique phone number or extension. This makes it easy to connect personally with your clients and candidates.

5. Expanded Workforce

A benefit of recruiting work is the ability to do it remotely. It is not uncommon for a recruiting firm to be entirely virtual. This can greatly reduce operational costs and increase the convenience and productivity of your organization.

A hosted phone system creates a virtual point of connection for your entire organization, centralizing and unifying all communications regardless of the geographical location of each user. Features include real-time user status, instant messaging, mobile device compatibility, and more.

6. Recorded Calls

Call recording is an essential part of any recruiting firm’s success. Effective training, compliance, and project management require the use of this functionality. Hosted phone solutions make this fast, easy, and affordable. (The option to store all recorded files in the cloud frees up valuable on-premise devices or external storage units.)

The Solution for Recruiting Firms

Regardless of the size of your recruiting firm staff, or the geographical reach of your organization, the ability to effectively connect with clients and candidates is absolutely vital to a thriving business. Recruiting firms are increasingly turning to hosted phone solutions to drive their business toward greater success.

UnitedCloud understands the challenges and opportunities that exist in the recruiting space. Contact one of our hosted phone specialists today to find out how our affordable and scalable solutions can give your organization the competitive advantage.

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