5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade your Phone System

  • July 27, 2021
  • Author: Matthew

All businesses must grow in order to keep up with competitors.

However, it’s important to think things through before making a big decision. The cost can be significant, and you want to make sure your business is better off after the change. How can you know whether it’s time to upgrade your phone system? 

Here are 5 of the biggest signs that you’re due for an upgrade.

You have limited access to features

Many phone systems are limited to a strict range of features, with some only allowing phone calls and fax. 

Hosted phone systems have a wider range of features, since they operate through a variety of devices and aren’t restricted to phones and desktops only. 

The UnitedCloud system can update with new features as they’re released – with no need to purchase a newer version of the phone system or upgrade any hardware.

Your system can’t keep up with your business growth

Physical phone systems are costly to maintain. If your business has grown to the point where you need to onboard new employees or expand to multiple locations, you’ll have to expand your phone system to match – and the costs will add up quickly. 

You’ll have to purchase the extra equipment for each expansion, plus the cost of installation – not to mention the potential downtime during the fix.

A cloud phone system doesn’t require any of those costs! There’s no hardware to purchase or install (apart from the desk phone itself, if that’s what you choose to use) – and the upgrade is instant – no downtime!

Your system doesn’t allow for remote work

In a post-2020 era, remote work is commonplace – and even if your business doesn’t do remote work right now, it’s important to have the option available if you need it.

Remote work with an old phone system is cumbersome – and in some cases impossible. If your role requires you to use your desk phone, that’ll prove to be impossible with a physical phone system – but a cloud-based system lets you use any device in its place! 

The wireless, over-the-internet nature of a cloud phone system makes the transition to remote work seamless – just log into your accounts on your home devices and use those!  (bringing your devices from work is an option, but it isn’t necessary)

You want to keep your data safe

A singular data breach can cost a small business an average of 1.1 million. That’s an expense you definitely want to avoid.

With a UnitedCloud solution, you can use single-sign-on to keep your information safe and secure. For more info on this feature, read our recent article: The Security and Efficiency of Single Sign-On.

You lack a failsafe in the event of physical damage

Even if your business is running smoothly, what will happen if your servers are damaged?

A cloud phone system operates over the internet, meaning your system doesn’t need any physical infrastructure. This also means that no matter what happens at your physical location, your system remains unaffected.

Our geo-redundant servers ensure that even if one of our servers is damaged, your system won’t experience any hiccups!

Is Your Business Phone Equipped for Disaster Recovery?

Make a safe and rewarding decision

It’s a big decision, but switching to a UnitedCloud system will pay off. With security, efficiency, and versatility, it’s a priceless tool for any business, small or large.

Our system can be implemented within less than a day, and your business will start seeing results immediately!

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to learn more!

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