5 Benefits of Leasing Cloud Communications Equipment

  • February 13, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

Investing in a new or upgraded communications system can sometimes come with a large upfront cost. Cloud phone solutions do save money over a short time, but sometimes that initial equipment, occasional network upgrades (cables, switches, etc.) and professional installation purchase might be cause for hesitation.

That’s why UnitedCloud is pleased to partner with Lease 1 Financial to offer a lease financing option on hardware and installation purchases if required and if you don’t already have a preferred finance partner.


What is Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing can be considered a “rent-to-own” scenario. Leasing your equipment allows you to make fixed payments with a term ranging from 36-60 months. There is a negotiable buy-out option at the end of the term.

Why Choose Leasing?

Equipment leasing offers several significant advantages over other options.

Preserve Cash & Credit Lines

Leasing your equipment allows you to keep your cash and lines of credit for other uses (such as operating expenses, payroll, etc.).

Increase Buying Power

Without having to pay for all the initial hardware upfront, you can put your money into effective use elsewhere. Adding extra features, accessories, or upgrading your equipment can fit within your budget when you don’t have to buy all that equipment in one lump sum.

Improve Productivity & Profit

When you’re using outdated equipment, or if your equipment isn’t working well, productivity is hindered. Downtime for repairs and maintenance affect your ability to run your business profitably. Additionally, if you decide to sell your equipment in the future, up-to-date equipment increases the value of your company.

Easy Budgeting

Fixed monthly lease payments make budgeting easier.

Tax Advantages

Lease payments are usually treated as expenses rather than depreciating assets. This allows you to capture the depreciation back into your company more quickly, putting your money back into your business where it should be. Talk to your accountant about how this might work for your business.

How Does This Work?

Customers who qualify for equipment leasing can receive and use their communications system hardware immediately. The equipment is paid for by the lease provider, and the customer makes monthly payments to the lease provider for the duration of the lease term. (The monthly services are invoiced by UnitedCloud on a separate invoice.) At the end of the lease term, the equipment belongs to the customer!  

More About Lease 1 Financial

Providing accessible, understandable and trustworthy equipment lease financing is what Lease 1 Financial does best. They offer highly competitive rates and are experts in their industry.

The team at Lease 1 Financial takes pride in offering unparalleled personal and professional service. They understand what it takes to manage a thriving business and they work hard to help you succeed.

For more information about equipment lease financing, contact your UnitedCloud representative.

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