5 Advantages of the Find Me/ Follow Me Feature

  • June 5, 2019
  • Author: Keith Young

Find Me/Follow Me is a favorite feature of our advanced cloud communications system. But what is it and how can it benefit you?

Who Needs Find Me/Follow Me?

The world is changing and the 9-to-5 shift at the office has become a rare occurrence for many of us. Common scenarios include:

  • Workers out in the field on sales calls or doing installations
  • On-call staff who need to be available 24/7
  • Your daily hustle requires you to be ready whenever opportunity calls
  • Flexible job schedules that allow you to work around family life, responsibilities and other personal activities

Regardless of the reason, Find Me/Follow Me can make your day more productive and more enjoyable. Find-Me/Follow-Me ensures important calls will reach you, any time, any place.

What Is Find Me/Follow Me?

The Find Me/Follow Me feature, allows you to have calls routed automatically to any phone. This means clients can call one number and reach you wherever you are, on any of your devices.

You can set all your phones to ring simultaneously, or have them ring in sequence. For example, you could have your office phone ring first, and then have your cell phone ring after 15 seconds if your office phone isn’t answered.

There’s also an option of requiring “answering confirmation for off-net numbers”. This option notifies you if your incoming call is going through your cloud phone system. If you’re available to take the call, just press a key to take the call as normal. If you’re at a playoff game that just went into overtime, send the call to voicemail automatically.

5 Benefits of Find Me/Follow Me

  1. Reliability: You’ll get all the calls, no matter where you are.
  2. Privacy: You never have to give out your personal number. Customers always call your work number and it’s automatically forwarded to your remaining phones.
  3. Convenience: You only give out one number. No need for clients to track your schedule in order to remember which number to call at what time.
  4. Flexibility: If you’re travelling to a new location or using a new device, just add it to your find-me/follow me rule. Remove a device at any time and forward calls to voicemail if there are moments you want to be “off-the-grid”.
  5. Freedom: Now that you no longer need to worry about missing calls, you can plan your day the way you want with peace-of-mind, knowing your calls will find you when you’re needed.

Instead of being tethered to your desk and planning your schedule around calls that may not come, give Find Me/Follow Me a try and watch your calls keep up with you!

Want to learn more about Find Me/Follow Me or any of the great features UnitedCloud offers? Contact us today!

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