3 Reasons Why Universities & Colleges Choose A Hosted Phone Solution

  • November 21, 2018
  • Author: Keith Young

Universities and colleges are increasingly making the smart switch from conventional phone systems to the advanced technology of a hosted phone solution.

Here are 3 key reasons for this strategic change.

1. Facilitate Learning

Any phone system is designed to connect people. A hosted phone solution goes further by enabling learning in various ways:

  • Video Conferencing – Universities and colleges can host learning events, such as guest lectures or virtual presentations by thought leaders, specialists and experts in any location.
  • Remote Learning – Students can engage in long-distance learning remotely via their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphones so they don’t fall behind. This capability can be offered on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the needs of the students.
  • Class Continuity – Even in a case of inclement weather or other campus-impacting disruption, classes can continue to be delivered via the hosted phone system.

2. Ensure Safety & Efficiency

There are several ways a hosted phone solution helps to ensure campus safety.

  • Alert authorities – Authorities can be alerted automatically in the event of a potentially threatening or dangerous situation via an emergency notification system.
  • Paging and group paging – Paging and group paging can simplify emergency protocols in the event of any emergency. (Groups might include campus security, department heads, etc.)
  • Broadcast audio messages across campus – Important messages can be broadcast throughout the campus speaker system.
  • Auto Attendant – The Auto Attendant feature acts as a virtual receptionist, providing callers with a customized message. In the event of an emergency, this message could redirect, inform, update and advise callers.

3. Decrease Costs

Reducing costs is an ongoing challenge for universities and colleges. The hosted phone solution dramatically supports this effort in numerous ways:

  • Consolidate networks – A hosted phone solution unifies data and phone networks. This eliminates the need for multiple networks which each require their own infrastructure, hardware, cabling, and service technicians.
  • No long-distance charges – Outgoing long-distance calls are free. Incoming long-distance charges can be eliminated by the use of low-cost virtual numbers or toll-free numbers accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Reduced hardware costs – Integration with desktop “softphones” and mobile devices means you don’t have to purchase special IP phones.
  • Conferencing – Web conferencing minimizes staff travel costs by allowing connection from anywhere at any time.
  • Included installation and tech support – With your hosted phone service plan, installation and tech support is included, reducing IT costs.

The Phone Solution for Universities & Colleges

Learning is why universities and colleges exist. Safety is critical. And money is valuable.

Because of these 3 major factors in the success of any university or college (whether a small institution or a large multi-site campus), the advantages of a hosted phone solution make it the best choice.

For more information about the benefits of a hosted phone solution for your educational institution, contact a UnitedCloud specialist today.

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