Disaster Recovery: The Resilience of Hosted Phone

Fire, flooding, earthquakes, power outages – the ramifications can sometimes be tragic and far reaching. Even if you’re on the fringes of the impacted area, it can be difficult to know what to do next, let alone keep your business running.

With a premise-based phone system, if a catastrophe should strike your office, the whole system is at risk. And if hardware gets damaged, you’ll need to cover the expense of replacement, as well as the installation and setup costs involved. On top of that, you are then faced with the loss of business due to calls you are missing.

This is where UnitedCloud’s Business Phone System becomes invaluable. With a hosted phone platform like UnitedCloud’s, the majority of your system resides in the cloud. That means regardless of what happens to your office or business location, the main phone system remains safe and operational.

UnitedCloud’s multiple data-centers offer built-in failover for extra resilience in the event of an internet or power outage. And calls are automatically routed around problem areas, minimizing or often eliminating call disruption entirely.

If your office becomes inaccessible, you can quickly redirect calls using UnitedCloud’s Management Portal from any computer with Internet access. Forward calls to home phones or cells and you’ll have staff back up and running in no time. With your communications operational, it will be much easier to put the full recovery process in motion.

In unfortunate situations where you’re forced to relocate, you can simply plug your desk phones into any active Internet ports and they’ll be operational in a matter of minutes.

Beyond that, it’s easy to change your company’s voice messages to alert callers to your current situation and any impacts it may have on their own business.

And by taking advantage of features like Find Me/Follow Me, you’ll always be able to receive and make calls, no matter where you are, on any device you have – as long as there’s Internet. Not only does that reduce the negative impact on your business, it can provide tremendous peace-of-mind for family, friends and co-workers in moments of crisis.

There’s enough to worry about when disaster strikes. Be prepared with UnitedCloud’s Business Phone System so you can focus on what’s really important should an emergency arise.

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