10 Reasons Hosted Phone is the Best Choice for Your Healthcare Business

  • June 23, 2022
  • Author: Keith Young

For small clinics, large hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and all other healthcare businesses, efficiency and reliable communications are crucial for success and the safety and health of your patients. 

That’s why a hosted phone system is the best choice for your healthcare business. This advanced communications solution allows healthcare professionals to combine digital and physical interactions to meet rapidly evolving expectations without sacrificing security. It ensures a reliable and flexible IT environment to support clinical applications and reduce costs.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of a hosted phone system for healthcare businesses.

Enhance Patient-Provider Communication

No healthcare provider can afford miscommunication. The risks are too high. Your phone system can enhance patient-provider communication via multiple advanced features.

1. Advanced Call Handling

Healthcare providers often receive hundreds of calls each day. The features of a hosted phone system make it possible to completely eliminate missed calls. Every call can be handled and every caller taken care of. 

  • Auto Attendant: A virtual receptionist that automatically answers every call and routes it to the right person
  • Call Transfer: Easily transfer calls to any phone or extension
  • Call Forwarding: Automatically forward calls to any phone or mobile device so you’re accessible from anywhere
  • Call Queuing: A virtual line callers are placed into to ensure the call is answered as soon as a member of your team becomes available
  • Answering Rules & Time Frames: Set up automated customized call handling for different time frames
  • Custom Music & Messages On Hold: Turn hold-time stress into customer satisfaction with music of your choice and customized messages
  • Voicemail Transcription: Save time and handle voicemail messages quickly and efficiently with automated transcription to email

Improve Team Management & Collaboration

The quality of patient care you provide is dependent on the degree of team collaboration and communication you maintain. A hosted phone system helps you to better manage your healthcare team.

2. Call Analytics

Real-time call analytics allow you to track the performance of your team and support interactions. Valuable insights such as missed calls and call volume help you make necessary adjustments and provide the highest level of care.

3. Call Recording

Monitor the care your team is providing with call recording. This feature can be easily activated by a single click. Choose either on-demand or always-on mode. 

4. Simultaneous Ring

Set up your phone system to simultaneously ring all the phones you associate with it. This is useful in busy healthcare environments because it lets the whole team know there’s a call and ensures the call will be answered more quickly.

5. Conferencing

Connect with patients and colleagues across multiple healthcare centers as if you’re all in-person. Optimized audio and video with screen sharing capabilities allow you to share presentations and communicate clearly. 

This affordable feature is particularly valuable in rural areas. Connect via video call with a patient hours away from your office, or share your expertise with rural healthcare practitioners.

6. Mobility

With an integrated softphone app, your mobile phone becomes an extension of your office phone. Make and take calls with your clinic or hospital number, access your contacts, and share medical files. 

Your increased accessibility will improve patient care and team collaboration while giving you the benefit of flexibility.

Simplify Your Budget

Rising clinical and administrative costs complicate your ability to provide exceptional patient care. Beyond reducing the ever-rising costs of providing a healthcare service, a hosted phone system simplifies your budget by incorporating many features and integrations you pay for on one easy-to-understand bill. 

7. Affordability

Your hosted phone system is like a toolbox filled to the brim with helpful tools your staff can use to improve the level of care your healthcare business provides. Most of these enterprise features are included in your service plan.  

Additional cost savings come from the included 24/7 technical support and low start-up cost. A hosted phone system doesn’t require a large hardware investment and there are no maintenance fees.

Expand Easily

As your healthcare business grows, your communications system must be able to accommodate that growth. A hosted phone system makes scaling your business easier.

8. Scalability

Moving, adding, or changing users and features in your hosted phone system is easy and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection through your Manager Portal with a few clicks of a mouse. Plus, the plug-and-play functionality of desk phones couldn’t be easier. 

9. Multi-Location Connectivity

If you’re expanding your service into multiple locations, a hosted phone system seamlessly keeps your entire team connected. The entire system can be managed within a single user interface. 

Use local and toll-free numbers to conveniently accommodate callers from any location.

Provide Reliable Service

Clear communication and exceptional healthcare doesn’t help if it can’t be relied upon. There must be consistency and continuity no matter what. 

10. Disaster-Proof

Disaster-proof communication is possibly more important in the healthcare industry than any other. Your business directly impacts the lives of the people you’re in contact with. If you lose the ability to communicate with your patients and staff, slowed response times could result in a severe decrease in patient care.

Power failures and natural disasters can affect communications systems, but with a hosted phone system you won’t experience a disruption in service. This is due to a process called automatic failover.

Multiple power grids, backup power generators, internet connections, environmental controls, and security personnel all work together to ensure your hosted phone service is disaster-proof. 

The Best Phone System for the Healthcare Industry

The success of your healthcare business and the care of your patients rests on the effectiveness of your communication. A hosted phone system offers the reliability, affordability, usability, adaptability and scalability you need to provide the best possible patient-provider experience. 

At UnitedCloud, we’re transforming healthcare experiences with modern communications solutions. We provide 24/7 Canadian support to ensure you have what you need when you need it. 

Whether you run a small health clinic, manage a nationwide practice, or administrate a large hospital, our team is committed to helping you meet the communications needs of your staff and patients. 

Talk to a UnitedCloud specialist today to learn more about the best phone system for your healthcare business.

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